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Sun Protection Swimwear

Parental Instinct’s sun protection swimming gear has got you covered 

With all the work we have put into protecting our little ones from the sun, you’d think we were vampires! We actually love the sun, but know that the sun doesn’t always love us. So, we have created a range of sun protection swimwear that offers the highest possible protection from the harsh summer sun, that dries super quickly, that includes a long-length back zip, and has colour-coded snaps to stop any tops riding up while your children leap in and out the water, or splash around in paddle pools this summer.

The Full Monty

Um, ok maybe not the Monty part. We have gone full UPF (that’s Ultraviolet Protection Factor), which means that every piece of swimwear in our sun protection range is rated UPF 50+ - the highest possible rating serious scientists acknowledge.

Now Australians know a thing or two about getting burnt (although it is normally by the All Blacks!), and Australian sun protection standards are widely regarded to be the most comprehensive in the world, so when we tell you that our range has been tested by ARPANSA, the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency, and has also passed Australian standards AS/NZS 4399:1996, you know that this is no ordinary range of sun protection swimwear.


And being Parental Instinct, we included ZapDry nano-magic. ZapDry utilises nano-technology to dry all our sun protection products at warp speed! Tests show that when ordinary swimsuits take 20 minutes to dry, our Parental Instinct Sun Protection Suit is dry in under 2!

Now, when your little fish gets out of the pool, you can towel him off and he can run around without getting cold or wrinkly, or you can take the swimsuit off and it will be dry before the next round of ‘can I swim again, pleeeeeeeeeeese?’ Because we know that there is little worse that trying to pull a wet swimsuit onto an excited toddler. 

SnapSnaps and long-length zip

And finally, to make sure that your future Olympic swimmer stays protected, we have included our colour-coded SnapSnaps to our sun protection tops for ages 3 Months to 2 Years, to stop it riding up and burning those cute little bellies. Both our short body and full length sun protection suits have been fitted with a long-length zip down the back, making it super simple to get on and off.

With sun protection you can trust, ZapDry technology, SnapsSnaps and easy-to-use long-length zips, Parental Instinct are making parenting, and summer, easier.

  • Please remember to also use a hat, sunscreen and other sun protection tools to protect your child where their skin is exposed to the sun.
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