Making parenting easier with technology

What makes our children's wear so special? 

...our magic ingredients!

We love our little ones, and know that as parents we need all the help we can get to make the journey a little bit easier. That's why all our baby & toddler clothing has been gifted with special abilities:  AbStain™, NixStain™ and  Snap Snaps™, which make them easier to use and wear. Our Snuggle Bag - baby sleeping bags contain our ShooMozzie™ mosquito repelling technology that will irritate mosquitos but not babies. Our swimwear features ZapDry ™ which dries in under three minutes and provides UPF 50+ protection.
Now you can spend more time having fun with your baby and less time worrying about life's little mishaps, because we understand that when it comes to parenting, getting the little things right makes a world of difference.
Introducing AbStain.

 AbStain™ Stain resistant nano-technology

There's no point crying over spilt milk, or juice or tomato sauce for that matter. We've all been there! By the magic of nano-technology from the wizards of Nano-Tex®, each fibre of our fabric has been transformed to give it the ability to resist stains without reducing its natural softness and breathability, making child's play of cleaning up spills. Because it's easier to wipe off an oops than change an outfit.

  • Liquids bead off the fabric as if it's waterproof.
  • Nano-technology outperforms conventional fabric treatments.
  • Extends the useful life of the fabric.
  • Survives the wash to provide lasting protection: 80% effective after 30 washes.
  • Retains the fabric's natural softness and breathability.
Introducing NixStain.

NixStain™ Stain release nano-technology

When wiping off the tomato sauce just won’t cut the mustard, our nano-magic from the wizards of Nano-Tex® will help those food-based artworks come out in the wash, leaving a pristine garment behind. Each fibre of our fabric has been transformed at a microscopic level to prevent pigmentation without reducing natural absorbency, softness and breathability. Less time soaking and scrubbing means you have more time to enjoy playing and creating with your little one.

  • Allows stains to wash out as easy as PI.
  • Survives the wash to provide lasting protection: 80% effective after 30 washes.
  • Ensures that garments look better for longer.
  • Retains the fabric's natural softness and breathability.
Introducing Snappy Snaps!

SnapSnaps™ Colour-coded snap system

Fitting a babygrow on a  baby who is wriggling like a worm in a shovel is challenging enough. Matching up the snaps when your eyeballs aren't properly aligned in their sockets is even tougher. Thats why we created SnapSnaps™, our coloured-coded snap system, to ensure that those three little fasteners in the middle don't keep you or your little one up any longer than necessary. 

ShooMozzie™ mosquito repelling technology.

Sleeping like a baby? Our snuggle bags not only stay in place – they also feature a mosquito repellent that will last for up to 20 wash cycles at 40 degrees celsius. Irritating mosquitos but not babies.

Our snuggle bag lining includes AntiGerm™ technology that fights microscopic pests too. The germ killing magic is embedded in the fibres, so it can’t wash out or irritate sensitive skin.

    ZapDry™ quick drying nano-technology

    Ahhh, summer! Your child’s blue lips are the only indicator that the fresh sea breeze has cooled off their damp swimsuit in spite of the fact that they are sitting in full sun. Thankfully, the masterminds at NanoTex® have blessed us with ZapDry™, which transforms every fibre of our swimsuits to repel moisture and then dry in a flash, so your little beach baby can spend more time playing. While you do the chilling.

    And, with UPF50+ sun protection built in, you can spend less time running after them with the sunscreen. (Tested against the stringent Australian and New Zealand standard to block more than 97% of UV rays.)

    The nano-technology magic in our products has been developed by the clever folks in white coats over at Nanotex. To find out more about how this amazing technology works, have a look at some of their product demonstrations at