21 things you can do with a muslin cloth


21 things you can do with a muslin cloth

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There really are 21 (probably more) brilliant uses for a muslin cloth. What, to the uninitiated (ok, ok people without children), might seem like an innocent square scrap of material, is actually a parent’s best and most useful friend. Here’s why.

You can use a muslin cloth…

  1. …to wipe up posset, vomit, spills, dribble, drool, pee, poop….basically anything that comes of your child and lands on the furniture, floor, walls…need I say more?
  2. …as a kerchief-style bib: excellent for those ‘raspberry’ food-blowing moments.
  3. …as a light-weight swaddle blanket, perfect for those hot, summer naps.
  4. … to lie on, on the change mat, as a soft, warm layer between the chilly plastic mat and baby (also to mop up any mishaps or leaks).
  5. …as a boy-pee parent protector: we all know what happens when you take a boy’s nappy off. Just place a folded muslin in the right place and all that golden sprinkle will get absorbed instead of showering you.
  6. …to pat a bottom dry after you have cleaned it with a wet wipe.
  7. …as a mattress protector. Tuck one over the mattress and reduce how many times you need to wash cot sheets or the actual mattress.
  8. …a camp (or normal) cot sheet. You can even swaddle you baby in one, and then tuck him in under another, they are so light.
  9. …as a makeshift sun shade on your baby’s head, over a pram or moses basket. Baby stays cool but the sun’s harsh rays are blocked out.
  10. …as a car window shade: tuck one end up into the window and wind up.
  11. …as a comforter: many babies love the texture of a muslin cloth, rubbing it against their faces as a soother. And you can save many tantrums by having a stack of spares for when one needs a wash, gets left behind, eaten by the dog…
  12. …as an over-the-shoulder burn cloth.
  13. …if your partner wants to cover up while breastfeeding in public.
  14. …as a makeshift baby sling. You will need one of those bigger muslin squares (like our Massive Muslin Cloth) for this.
  15. …to play peek-a-boo: careful once you start this game, you need to be prepared for the long-haul.
  16. …as a picnic blanket, or makeshift tent (again you will need one of the big ones).
  17. …as a toy blanket. Unfold and spread the toys out to play and when playtime is over, simply gather the corners, tie together and hang off a hook. Easy-peasy, tidy-up time.
  18. …as a pre-wash stain remover. The weave of a muslin is just perfect to absorb the bulk of a stain before it goes in the wash - just rub the affected area with a little water.
  19. …at bath time, as a wash cloth or even as a towel.
  20. …as a nappy liner or in place of a traditional cloth nappy.
  21. …as a teething toy: great for chewing or sucking on. Or even better, dampen a folded muslin cloth with some water, place it in a sandwich bag in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes: super soothing for irritated little gums.

And for anyone whose children have outgrown peekaboo or comforters, all those muslins cloths can be re-purposed into shoe shine cloths, amazing body and face exfoliators, homemade teabags and potpourri (for the very crafty and creative), window drying cloths, car wash cloths…..the list is endless.