Going on a long-distant trip with your young child? No stress…!


Going on a long-distant trip with your young child? No stress…!

Going on a long-distant trip with your young child? No stress…

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 The best advice for most things parenting come from the people who have ‘been there, done that’, especially from those who are still in the thick of it. So, in the run up to the December holidays, we gathered together some of SA’s parenting gurus and pestered them for their hot tips for ‘getting through that long-distant trip with your baby or toddler’.

And here we have it…

The Don Father’s Don Dinnematin swears by his baby sling and pumping up the volume on the stereo: “Baby wearing is a lifesaver, especially when walking through the airport and collecting your luggage. Baby is safe, calm and you get to have both hands free. Traveling in the car? For us music is a huge soother. Gia loves music so when she gets a little irritable, we turn up the volume and within seconds she is calm and collected.”

“Make a list. Make lots of lists. A checklist. A pack list. Type it on your phone. Add a reminder to check your checklist,” insists Fehmz Jordaan of @lifeofmomandbaby. Here is the rest of her list:

 - Always carry a spare little tin of formula in your carry-on luggage (if you're not breastfeeding - you just never know when you will need it! Oh and three extra set of nappies, baby clothes and one set for you! Your kid may have a poonami that messes both your and his clothes and thats it, you're smelling like baby poo for the rest of your trip.

 - Snacks and easy ready food. Babies do not understand waiting, when they are hungry, they are hungry and all hell will break loose. Food pouches are genius, especially when you can’t warm anything up. Some even come with spoon attachments.

 - Zip lock bags! These are life. From newborn and for the next few years, it's the most convenient way to pack. Pack an entire set of clothing in a bag: leggings , t-shirts and vests, this way you can pull out an entire outfit in one go, rather than searching for the top or bottom half of an outfit!

 - Most of all have fun and check your lists! Make memories and don't be too hard on yourself!”

“Flying with your baba? Keep their dummy handy for take off and landing to help soothe any ear ache that might happen. Better yet, if you can feed them (bottle or breast), do that – it will be even more comforting and may distract them” says Sarah Booyens of Mascara and Mimosa.

White baby clothes are Pretty Messy Mellon’s travel nemesis, “never dress your kids in white clothing while traveling, every snack in a car or plane gets super messy and white shows it all! In fact, make sure you are all wearing something versatile, like a t-shirt with jacket on hand so it can adapt to temperature changes.”

What are you top travel with tot tips?

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